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MIAS Courses

Here in North Wales we are slowly growing as a mecca for Mountain Biking and we offer Instructor courses based around the Mountain Bike Instructor Award Scheme. 

We offer Level One/Two training courses which cover 2 days followed by an assessment.

We also offer a two day Level 3 course which is based around mountainous areas and more technical terrain. 

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MIAS Level 1/2 course

This is a two day course suitable for people interested in taking groups of people out cycling. The first day of the course is a general training day suitable for both Level One and Two. The course will cover the following subjects:

  • Group Management

  • Responsibilities of the Group Leader

  • Navigation

  • Access and Conservation

  • General Skills

  • Technical Skills

  • Personal Equipment

  • Group Equipment

  • Weather

  • Additional Interests

The second day of the course is the assessment day and you will be judged on your skill level and group management and after assessment the assessor will decide if you receive the Level One award or the Level Two.
1. Level One - Basic Skills - allowing access into low-level terrain, with little potential hazards i.e country parks, canal towpaths and non-wilderness areas where help is almost immediately accessible.

2. Level Two - Intermediate Skills - allowing access into wild country, with the potential hazards that surround such terrain. Candidates must be in possession of BEL Award or equivalent, such as Walking Group Leader Award (WGL), (APL). For low level rides on Bridleways below 600 metres in wilderness areas.
Pre requisites: You will need to have previous biking experience and arrive for the training with the relevant equipment necessary for leading groups mountain biking.

Price: £160 per person.

Non Residential. This doesn’t include a MIAS registration fee (approximately £50). 

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